A second less a day

I've decided that on my 20th birthday I will run 1km in under 15 minutes. That means I have to gain a second on my time everyday. Watch me run!I wrote that a year ago, and I have competed that goal!I mostly post and reblog things about mental health, figure skating and body image. As well as pretty things! And AFL! Blues all the way ;) I swear I have interests outside of sport

Boudica: the Headhunter Queen (20s?-60 AD)



At the height of its power, Rome once seriously considered giving up its British holdings entirely. The reason? Queen Boudica, whose brutal revenge spree made her the Roman bogeyman for generations. She killed 70,000 people, burnt London to the ground, established herself as the most famous headhunter of all time - and to this day, Britain loves her for it.

You can stop emailing me about her now. More after the cut.

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people say ‘I love you’ in a lot of different ways

'eat something'

'buckle up'

'get some sleep'

'i want to give you multiple consecutive orgasms'

Guys I didn’t know this but apparently you can get scorpions in South Australia
Thanks to the one on my kitchen floor I now know


New video!!! How to do splits video! Sorry it took me so long to post it, had some techical difficulties. Hope you guys enjoy it!